Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy

What Is KAP?

Ketamine is a rapid-acting antidepressant that has proven to be helpful in treating depression and PTSD, among other mental health challenges. However, ketamine’s duration of effect can be short-lived and require follow-up treatments. I believe embedding ketamine within a psychotherapeutic framework can help us to have a better response and longer duration of effect. Ketamine, although not a classical psychedelic, has psychedelic properties and can produce non-ordinary states of consciousness (e.g., interruption from our usual patterns of seeing, thinking, feeling, and experiencing).

What Are KAP Infusions

Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy sees relevance in these psychedelic experiences induced by ketamine and seeks to discover what meaning they may have for us and to help integrate them into our lives. Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy seeks to ensure that you are prepared for your ketamine experience, supported and cared for during your ketamine administration, and provided follow-up therapy integration sessions to help you integrate your ketamine experiences into your life in ways that are meaningful and important to you.

Meet Christopher Welch

My journey towards becoming a therapist has been a wild trip. Therapy is a second career for me as I have been practicing as a pharmacist for over 11 years. Unbeknownst to me at the time, the seed for a future as a therapist was planted when I had a transformational experience in my own therapy.

I remember how powerful it was when my therapist witnessed and validated my story. Through a confluence of many things, I came to realize that my heart was not in the pharmacy profession. I remember the day when my wife asked me the question, “If you could do anything else, what would you do?” I was surprised to hear myself say, “maybe counseling?” Little did I realize that after much time and effort this would come to pass. I provide trauma informed, embodiment focused, compassion driven Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy.

Together, we will seek to create a safe, therapeutic relationship where you feel heard, understood, and known. I have been extensively trained in Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy by the Integrative Psychiatry Institute and The Ketamine Training Center. Just as my story was witnessed, I am passionate about witnessing your story and would be honored to walk alongside you through the difficult, painful, happy, and joyful times as you continue your journey of healing.



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