Patient Testimonies

"I am living a new life, thanks to Dr. Randy Malchow and the excellent staff at AMG Ketamine & Wellness Center. They truly live up to the name of "care-givers". I thought I was out of options to address chronic spine pain after an auto accident 3 decades ago. I now face the future with better functionality, deep gratitude and renewed hope."

"Amazing treatment and staff! I highly recommend this business. Dr. Malchow is outstanding!"

"My wife has been traveling to New Orleans once a month for the past year in order to get a ketamine infusion given by an anesthesiologist, since she receives a higher dose than non-anesthesia trained providers can safely administer. We are both so grateful to have the Clinic open in Nashville (area). ... Dr. Malchow was comprehensive in his evaluation, communicated closely with her doctor in Louisiana, and her care has continued seamlessly. The staff is thoroughly professional and warm and caring in their treatment of her. She could not be more pleased with their care. Thank you, thank you."

"Dr. Malchow and associates changed and saved my life. Dr. Malchow was very careful and reviewed all potential positives and negatives and explained everything to me clearly. Everyone in the office is very kind and caring. Since I have completed my treatment, I will miss visiting with them. I cannot recommend Dr. Malchow and AMG Ketamine enough!!! I feel stronger and better mentally than I have since I can remember."

"Dr. Malchow is one of the most caring and compassionate doctors I have ever met. He goes above and beyond for his patients. His compassion and professionalism have clearly been communicated with the nurses and other staff. They, too, were both professional and caring and friendly. I had previously tried a different ketamine clinic, and that one was unable to complete even one infusion because it caused my blood pressure to rise. Dr. Malchow dealt with the blood pressure issue with ease. In addition, he makes the IV process almost painless! I highly recommend Dr. Malchow, and AMG Ketamine."

"I was diagnosed 10+ years ago with a condition once known as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy … along with several other conditions that coincide. 20 plus surgeries and every treatment and medication around (to include every pain medication a person can think of) were tried with little help when I considered the side effects and reactions. I heard of a treatment that was helping patients like myself several years ago called Ketamine Infusion Therapy. … I can not express how kind and knowledgeable Dr. Malchow and staff are with not only Ketamine treatment for my conditions as well as other infusion medications along with Ketamine to help increase my quality of life. The facility is clean, comfortable, non-clinical, relaxing and easy to navigate. My infusion was the most peaceful infusion I have experienced due to the difference in protocol and medications along with having an anesthesiologist monitoring my care continuously. I have been checked on personally the following day, next week and several weeks post infusion. I have been fortunate enough I have been able to extend the time between treatments and feel more hopeful. Thank you Dr. Malchow, Rona and staff at AMG Ketamine for your care, kindnesses, compassion and excellent care."

"AMG Ketamine and Wellness Center is a first-rate medical practice that provides excellent therapy, in my case for chronic pain due to spine trauma after an auto accident 33 years ago. Dr. Randy Malchow and his staff are well-trained, attentive and interested to offer compassionate care."

"No possible way anyone could be in better more capable, compassionate hands than those of Dr. Malchow and his staff!! Absolute BEST in every way!!"

"I came here completely out of options. I was having horrible anxiety attacks constantly. I had tried SSRIs, Neuro training, hyperbaric therapy, the list goes on. Nothing gave me relief. I was really close to accepting that my life was gonna be filled with these panic attacks and I never would find peace. But after my treatments here, I have had more relief then imaginable. I still have some minor anxiety, but these treatments have turned the severity from a 10 to a solid 3. What deserves the biggest applause is the staff. Dr. Malchow is an extremely compassionate person and you can tell he genuinely wants to help in any way he can. His staff is the same way. I have had incredible conversations with them during my treatments …They engage with u, and they are extremely compassionate about what they do. I highly recommend this place. These are genuinely good people."

"Ketamine gave me my life back."

"I had lost all hope that my depression would ever end. Ketamine has been a miracle for me."

"At first I was anxious about receiving ketamine, but the staff put me at ease. I don’t really remember getting ketamine, only waking up slowly."

"With ketamine my pain is finally manageable."